Why Go to Church?

Even when you don’t feel like it, going to church is important. Regularly attending church has a plethora of benefits that you’re sure to appreciate. Read below to learn a few of the biggest reasons it’s important to attend religious fellowship kaukauna wi as often as you possibly can, even if there’s other things you’d rather do or no matter how busy your schedule.

To Hear the Word of God

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The Word of God is powerful and has the potential to change the way you view yourself and the rest of the world. When you attend church, you’ll hear the word and enforce yourself with that power that is needed to make it through this sometimes hard world.

Meet Other People

You belong not to a church but to a church family when you find a church to attend. It feels great to be surrounded by people who share in a passion for God and who want to hear the word and live their lives the right way. You need these type of people in your life and they’re all their when you attend services.

Events & Fun

Church is about learning the word of God but there’s also a lot of fun going on. Fellowships, ministries, and other youth activities and potlucks for adults are always going on at church. It’s great to be a part of these events and fun activities and provides an easier path to learning and teaching the word.

Health Benefits

Many people are unaware that attending church may actually boost their health but it’s true and there is research to back the findings. A Harvard School of Public Health study revealed that people who attend church reduce their risk of dying by 20% to 30%. If that’s not reason enough to go to church, I don’t know what is!