Profile Of Your Security Detail

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You will have seen them in your area. These are those sleepy looking uniformed guys supposedly protecting isolated buildings at night. Or they are slumped or snuggled into a chair outside of some poor shop owner’s shop. The shop owner is poor because should an intrusion be attempted, he will be robbed blind, perhaps even worse. Because this is no security guard at his door. The following lines, however, reveal how your security personnel pinellas park fl detail should look like and behave.

If only one security guard is being used, he should not be sitting. He is not there to relax. He is there to work, eyes peeled. If the premises are bigger and busier, one security guard simply does not cut it. His eyes may be peeled but his hands are going to be full. And if there is ever an incident – sadly always unavoidable and bound to happen – who is going to man the fort while he apprehends the troublemaker or brings things under control?

A minimum of two guards, but not to be greedy for the best security possible, maybe add in one more, just to be sure. There’s your backup when it is needed. Speaking of which, the guards on duty must have ready access to the law enforcement agencies in town. They should also be partnered by their own company’s private mobile security detail. Security on wheels, why not, heck, insist on it. Guards on duty are smartly dressed and show up on time.

They are well mannered and care for the community, not just your business. and while they are fit, healthy and muscled, they are not imposing. They should have no criminal records to speak of and they are those rare breeds that do every single thing by the book.